I would be more upset, but…

I’ve been entertaining myself with thoughts of my teachers being hit in the face with a flechette round. Especially my physics teacher. Only the flechettes would be half their normal size of an inch, so they wouldn’t pierce his brain, but rather he’d roll around on the floor in agony. I guess the same effect could be had if a fragmentation grenade was used, but that’d cause a lot more property damage than it’s worth.

If more stupid questions like this came up, I could be a Google Researcher too.

2 comments on I would be more upset, but…

  1. Ooo, you’re CRUEL. But justified so it’s okay, like religious wars. ;D

    The layout can live on in your heart, it’s the site name anyway.

  2. When I go to boring school funcitons I entertain myself similarly and pride on knowing that there is no place on the school auditorium stage where the School Principal could not be killed by a weird accident – for example, the ventilator covers sliding of and cutitng her in half.

    Good thing people like us don’t have superpowers, no?

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