System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

APCS test Friday, preceded by a math test Thursday, preceded by an American Studies test Wednesday. There’s been a lot of studying going on, so I spent the weekend relaxing.

Funny story: my mother was afraid that I would one day crash due to sleep deprivation, so she neglected to wake me up to make my nap a one-hour nap. Instead, it became a 12-hour nap, and I woke up at 6:45 to finish off my prep school homework. I then proceeded to be fully sober even when listening to my writing teacher’s boring rants.

And here I am, nearly done with my homework, with good prospects of being able to watch Jack & Bobby as well as get eight hours of sleep. A good way to start the week following the hellish one I just had.

Drafting Flushing Library

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  1. I figured out the importance of sleep my Sophmore year, when I was going to work on Friday and realized that I have absolutly no recollection of the week whatsoever. Literally, none whatsoever. Since then I never let non-CompSci homework or studying interfere with my sleep.

    So, poor Steve. I also do recomend comsuming lots of caffeine, be it in my favourite form of Diet Coke or somehting more brutal, like coffe or specialty drinks (Urg!).

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