“Don’t you see the hot Puritan sex?”

-My English teacher, talking about a poem by Anne Bradford

“And tonight, you’re gonna be reading a book all about hot Puritan sex.”
-My English teacher, talking about The Scarlet Letter

Humanities so far has been enjoyable. Both classes have been engaging (remember, Humanities is Social Studies and English combined), and I actually participated enough to not have my name called when one teacher was listing names of who she’d like to hear more from. The homework assignments on the part of SS are both lengthy and never-ceasing, though, and I really need to use this weekend to catch up on it.

At today’s prep school session I got my essay for writing class back, and I received one of the two 5s that were given out (a 6 maximum). Being that there were no 6s, the teacher read bits of our papers to the class. She read the other 5 paper first, noting the typical things teachers tell you to include in your essays. After she finished and took my paper to read, she looked it over for a minute, mentally saying, “Oh. It’s that paper.” She then told the class that she would not read my paper because it was simply too absurd. The teacher and I then had a public conversation about the paper, where I explained that it was meant to be entirely truthful and logical, though the sheer absurdity of the idea would make the reader amused and perhaps even stupified. After asking whether this was all my material (*pssh*), she then told me not to pull anything like this again (in very sugar-coated words, of course). No one knew what my paper was about because she refused to tell people, which made me chuckle even heartier. The smile on my face afterwards was a clear sign that I felt my mission in life had been accomplished.

During prep school I also got a chance to play phone tag with Yoli. I won.

Funny thing, Sims 2 gives me a CD emulation error even though I uninstalled everything related to CD emulation or burning, and I actually have a legitimate copy. The only way I can play it is on my brother’s computer, on which it lags to the point where I’ve lost all interest in playing it.

2 comments on “Don’t you see the hot Puritan sex?”

  1. We have to read The Scarlet Letter too. It’s supposed to be awful. In spite of (because of?) the hawt Puritan sex.

    Hey, for standardized essays it’s not the content (which is usually inane due to silly topics), it’s the score you get.

  2. Read the Letter last year and um, oh man. So lacking in the hawt sex department but I suppose mocking any and all characters has its appeal. Stupid anti-Transcendentalists are just as bad as their counterpartsl, and they’re not cheery about it either. Doom, doom, gloom, guilt, angst, ad naseum.

    Bradford was interesting … I liked when she wrote about her house burning and it was all “woe, my house is burnt! But God wanted it so yay!” o.O Obviously she was dropped on her head as a young child.

    Your teacher is was obviously dropped as well. You didn’t win. We aren’t done yet. You only win when someone else loses.

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