Dood! *whips out knives and starts slashing*

If you don’t understand the title, chances are you won’t understand the obsession that’s taken over my free time. It’s leveling, leveling, and more leveling, but the devs were able to add twists that make each battle seem unique. Add the fact that there’s always a place to use the characters that you’ve pumped to level 2000, that there’s always something you could do to make them better and someplace you could use those better characters, and that’s some extreme motivation to keep playing. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Sorry for delaying my posts further than normal.

Eye doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’ll find out the condition of my deteriorating right eye. Fun.

Then I start Mega Academy (SAT prep) on Saturday and school on Monday. I’m not looking forward to either, due in part to the fact that I’ll be seeing the same people both times. And generally speaking, I’m dreading meeting that crowd.

Edit: “Together, we can lick breast cancer.” I nearly died when I heard that. I’m going to press charges against Yoplait for attempted homicide.

2 comments on Dood! *whips out knives and starts slashing*

  1. Mega! megaman! Does megaman go to Mega Academy? Does he pass his SATs? And does he play megaman computer games in his spare time?!

    Thats freaky though. I don’t think in Stamford there would be a lot of the same people at school and SAT practice, and Stamford is way way smalelr than our large pseudo-yorkian neighbor.

  2. I am having dirty images of you and cancer cells. This isn’t healthy is it? (Yes, I had to address the sex first.)

    There are never any good people in prep courses, I swear to you. That must be the rule of life. You too can take to write messages in the margin of your book. Although I suppose for you they wouldn’t be homoerotic fanfiction, unless it was hawt lesbian sex.

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