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American Studies Teacher: “So, why did people act so recklessly in the 20s?” Me: “Well, they had the attitude of ‘Fuck everything’.” AST: *stunned* Umm, wow, okay… –Later AST, to English Teacher: “You know, Steven cursed in class today.” ET: “He what?” AST: “He said the f-word.” ET: “STEVEN DROPPED THE F-BOMB?!” –During an APCS […]

Who WOULDN’T want to turn into a reet?

Counterintuitive as it may seem, it’s worst when they talk to you about it. Proponents for communication have strong arguments, but their examples have underlying requirements. For example, the problem has to be addressed directly. There can’t be any beating around the bush. For thought springboarding, sure, you can be as indirect as you want; […]

“They know, and you should too, otherwise one day she’s going to bring it up and you’re going to be sleeping on the couch.”

Male bus drivers know everything. It’s scary. American Studies has always been a mixed bag. On one hand, the teachers give out homework by the buttload, and when you’re being ass-fed for two terms, your large intestine and anus stretch to the point where a buttload is a lot. Projects are almost always late-night affairs, […]

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