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Sonic the Hedgehog



The angle for Sonic's smirk is perfect in this picture. Also, the guy on the left looks like he's walking down a fashion runway and clearly does not give a fuck.

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Happy Tree Friends – Cuddles



Cuddles, why are you not wearing your other mitt? And my is my mitt in your mouth?

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League of Legends – Lulu

IMG_1732 - Copy


If you thought the last Asian was cute, this one was absolutely adorable. I know her hat is exactly the right oversized proportion, but if it shrouded less of her head, you'd also notice that she dyed her hair purple. The plush polymorph was probably custom, and the staff definitely was. That thing was a beast. The illuminated Pix on top looks particularly menacing!

Also, purple bows on her boot buckles? Doesn't appear on the game, but I love that touch.


Microsoft Outlook



In one of the few contests we actually enter, Megan wins a year's subscription to Xbox Live! She demanded a celebratory photo with the cute Asian in the cute hat.

This exhibitor was actually the one to convince us to play in the first place. We were first drawn in by the stress cubes:

"Can I get one of those?"

"Only if you let me tell you about"



Steampunk soldier

IMG_1729 IMG_1730


This was the most bizarre (read: awesome) steampunk gun I've ever seen. First off, it was SOLID. Really solid. I definitely needed the shoulder strap for this, because you could have used this to bust a door open without leaving a dent. Upside: no worry about someone jostling into you and knocking a piece off your gun.

Metal frame and stock, stained wood handle and forward grip, fat dial on the left side, lights and sturdy tubing all round. Oh yea, and there's a steampunk guy too.


Remember Me – Nilin

IMG_1728 - Copy


Remember Me's presence at the Capcom zone was paradoxical. There was clearly resources pumped into promoting it - they had a RM-branded photo booth, an employee to manage it, and a spot-on Nilin cosplayer with sharp, fitting clothes and an illuminated gauntlet hanging around the area.

Yet the booth was dead. I would have walked right past it, if I didn't see the lone person on line enter the photo booth. And the cosplayer was just standing around awkwardly, not drawing any attention to herself, and generally not being recognized by anyone but me.

For all these reasons, this ended up being one of my favorite booths. The sponsored cosplay was great, the line was nonexistent, and my friends and I went into the photo booth multiple times, each coming out with a set of fun photos.


Samus and Tails



I have no clue why these Asians are here. Why were they hanging out in front of the Mad Catz booth, posing for people? Why was the crowd gigantic? Were they hired by Mad Catz? Are these celebrities? Who was the random Tails that jumped in with them and started posing with them? What are the chances they'd all be blond?

But at some point, the questions boil down to just one: "Can I take a picture with you?"


Final Fantasy IX – Freya



This Freya was so perfect, it was scary. Right down to the feet, man. I am disappointed I didn't ask for a frontal shot to get more detail!


Natural Selection 2 Marine / Grumpy Cat



An even better treat than meeting and posing with Hugh was seeing him animatedly ask Sophia to record a Grumpy Cat skit with him! He asks her for a picture, and she simply points to her NO sign before walking away scowling. Unfortunately I combed through all his PAX recaps and this scene must have not left the editing room floor.


Natural Selection 2 – Marine



Hugh Jeremy was at the Natural Selection 2 booth, of course, but I didn't expect him to be in Marine gear! I followed his casting of NS2 development on YouTube, and it was a treat to hear his Australian accent in person.