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AP English Teacher on the Iliad:
"Achilles is a man with an MBA in manslaughter."

Me on the Iliad:
SarcasticSteven: zeus was hatin on the trojans
SarcasticSteven: and hera's like "oh no, don't be hurtin mah homeboys"
SarcasticSteven: so she gets a plan to subdue zeus
SarcasticSteven: and she's like "i want your cock"
SarcasticSteven and he's like "damn! none of my other bitches be that horny!"

SarcasticSteven: like this one trojan was like "your moms are whores!"
SarcasticSteven: and so this achaean was like "don't be sayin nothin about my momma!"
SarcasticSteven: and he thrusts a spear through the guy's eye, coming out of his skull the other side
SarcasticSteven: then he beheads him and holds the head up high, with the spear still in it
SarcasticSteven: and he's like "tell his dad that his son's a pussy! achaeans represent!"
SarcasticSteven: and the trojans bounce

So as you can see, AP English is just fine. I get to sleep when the teacher isn't breaking English teacher norms, and the Iliad is chock full of random people being randomly killed in grotesque ways. I hear Canterbury Tales is a lot racier, but the Iliad is still good stuff.

I snooped around and found layouts to give the site and the photo gallery graphical overhauls. I felt it was due for a change after nearly two months of inactivity. I've been primarily neglecting it because there have been a lot of things hanging over my head, and I play games to get away from that. And it just so happens that I like games that pull me in, so I've been spending a lot of time gaming and not a lot of time thinking.

Stay tuned; the next post will have pictures.