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Plants vs Zombies – Kissing Booth Zombie



It's not that we don't like you, zombie, it's just that we don't want to catch cooties. Haven't you ever heard of PAX Pox? Who knows how many gamers you've been kissing!



League of Legends – Caitlyn



I was really tickled by the details Caitlyn added to her costume mid-convention: she has an AD Carry League of Legends lanyard, and wrapped a pair of Chandra Nalaar goggles around her hat, effortlessly enhancing the character's steampunk vibe.


Pokemon Trainers

IMG_1695 - Copy


Super simple matching costumes, but fully evocative of Pokemon. I also smirked when I spotted their considerable swag pile - they had clearly done their time at the PopCap booth.


Borderlands – Max Moxxi



This costume had such a fun, fitted purple velvet that I couldn't not ask for a picture. (Also, somehow we are standing at a show floor intersection that is not absolutely mobbed by attendees. How is this possible?)


Mega Man – Proto Man



"Son, you're going to have to learn how to deal with Asians if you ever want to be part of a successful Capcom game. Might as well start now."


Doctor Who – Clockwork Droid

IMG_1690 IMG_1692


Costumes where the head is above your actual head are the creepiest. This was the case for the Clockwork Droid, who actually had a glass head underneath the mask, complete with gears. You know you shouldn't be addressing the face, but it's weird and scary to be addressing the thin lace by the neck. Plus you sometimes catch eye movement behind the fabric, or worse yet, a voice...


League of Legends – Sun Goddess Karma



I don't have many friends who cosplay, but the ones who do, pull off incredible outfits. This coord has simple ingredients that mesh well and turn out to be much more than the sum of their parts. Bonus points for original style League of Legends lanyard holding her badge.


League of Legends – Zyra

IMG_1687 - Copy


Man, what is with these female cosplayers with awesome costumes looking absolutely bored killing me? My group actually struck up a conversation with her after the shot, but even when she was discussing cosplay, she looked like she wanted to rope those vines around her own neck.


Magic the Gathering – Chandra Nalaar



Wizards of the Coast had an elaborate setup as always, with a big portion dedicated to Magic the Gathering. After you waited in line to play MtG on their iPads and consoles, you were given a sweet exclusive Pinny Arcade pin of Chandra Nalaar, and were invited to take a quick photo with her in the flesh!

I had this picture taken around noon on Saturday, so she was still full of pep and had not yet been worn down by the constant stream of geeks waiting in line for this. The employee was a little irritated that I wanted a second action shot (I should say kill shot, considering I'm usually getting killed) but the cosplayer was eager for something to break up the repetition, and was more than happy to throw a fireball down onto my head.


League of Legends – Nurse Akali



After taking this picture, I thanked the cosplayer, who uncharacteristically handed me her card. Of all the pictures I take at conventions, I will probably only get two cards, so I know she means business.

I was still admiring the costume when I heard a voice pierce through the convention hall din, and out of all the other conversations, inexplicably flag itself in my brain, "Hey, Danielle! Can I get a picture?"

Then I recognize the card, the alias, and the owner. She looks different without pink hair.

She's Danielle Panser, aka TradeChat, a YouTube personality known for her long-running state-of-the-game series for WoW and League. I had gotten out of both by the time I learned about her, but not so far removed that I didn't feel starstruck after the fact.