Remember Me – Nilin

IMG_1728 - Copy


Remember Me’s presence at the Capcom zone was paradoxical. There was clearly resources pumped into promoting it – they had a RM-branded photo booth, an employee to manage it, and a spot-on Nilin cosplayer with sharp, fitting clothes and an illuminated gauntlet hanging around the area.

Yet the booth was dead. I would have walked right past it, if I didn’t see the lone person on line enter the photo booth. And the cosplayer was just standing around awkwardly, not drawing any attention to herself, and generally not being recognized by anyone but me.

For all these reasons, this ended up being one of my favorite booths. The sponsored cosplay was great, the line was nonexistent, and my friends and I went into the photo booth multiple times, each coming out with a set of fun photos.

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