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Sure, I let the end of my junior year go by without a single word to reminisce. And my summer web development job. And my trip back to NYC.

But all of that was the prelude to the main event, my trip to Japan. I leave tomorrow (today, Friday, really) and will be gone for a week with my brother, mom and aunt. Thanks to the time difference, my 14 hour nonstop flight to Tokyo will effectively take a day to get there and mere minutes to return. I will be taking meticulous notes linking my pictures to their descriptions based on time and date taken, because it’s unlikely that after the week-long trip I’ll remember in what context I took that picture of Hello Kitty or what caption I thought up for that strange mechanical contraption that looks vaguely like a sex toy.

Things I definitely want to cover:

  • Pachinko. I don’t like gambling…but this is less gambling and more Peggle/Plinko + cute prizes!
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This sounds incredibly dull but AHHH MODERN ARCHITECTURE! Should be right near our hotel.
  • DrumMania. Fuck yea, drums. There is no way I am going to pass up the chance to try out the precursor to Rock Band. My brother may link up with GuitarFreaks, but I don’t think either of us will try out KeyboardMania…BeatMania was bad enough.
  • Maid cafe? None of us speak fluent Japanese so this may be more awkward than it’s worth. And we can’t take pictures inside them anyway.

And as for you, viewers, just pray that my shutter finger is itchy and I don’t collapse from the extreme humidity over there this time of year.

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  1. I will do my damned best to nag you for entries HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD. i have practice in doing this, however, and faith in my abilities. hope you have fun!

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