Pokedex Image Database

My database project got full marks. I’ll leave it up for a day before I shut down the server. I got all the way to #88, Grimer, before I got tired XD . Credentials for existing users are firstname@bu.edu and password = password.

I incorporated a picture recommendation feature that looks at your pictures, determines the most common tags among them, and then returns five other pictures that include the most of these tags. This is most evident with Generic Trainer (generic@bu.edu, password) who has only uploaded Grimer and therefore is recommended purple poison Pokemon. Steven Li (steven@bu.edu, password) only uploaded Charmeleon and Charizard, so naturally he is recommended Charmander and to a lesser degree other fire, red, or lizard Pokemon.

All in all, it was a fun project that I should have started earlier. I had a blast just pumping out code, throwing it online and seeing it stick. I managed to whip it up in the space of three days, and while it is not shiny, I like how it turned out. And, you know, that it turned out at all. Debugging is such a time and morale-consuming unknown…

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