*takes them down to where the grass is green and the girls are pretty*

They [robots] operate based on programs which, no matter how complex, follow rules. As broad as the scope of these rules may be, they are unable to do something that they have not been programmed to do. Human responsibility is derived from our ability to act outside of our scope: to recognize what we are doing, recognize the rules imposed by society, and then intending (under no other rule imposed upon us) to break them. – My philosophy paper

Yet their strength and their speed are still based on a world built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong, or as fast, as you can be. -Morpheus


In related news, the wild late-night birthday party the Spanish apartment across from me is having makes me happy and awake as I write the rest of the paper. They’ve played everything from I’m Shipping Up to Las Avispas to Free Bird and Wish You Were Here. They sing nicely for the Spanish songs and awkwardly for the English ones, though to their credit they know all the lyrics.

In class today, the teacher asked, “So what do you guys think? *silence* Well I guess you aren’t thinking, because you were up all night writing the paper. And so I guess you didn’t read the article either. *tangent*”

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  1. OH man the Matrix! (Also, I really like the song in the title. Squee.)

    I once had a teacher with such great quotes as ‘Did you do your homework? How many of you did your homework?…None? Good, none of you are stupid. You have a test tommorrow, there is no reason to do your homework. I am supposed to talk about the homework, but instead let us talk about the test.’ (at this point everyone cheered)

  2. I thought you said that they were playing the songs “They were shipping us to Las Vegas”. Boy am I glad to be wrong and that I can justify my terrible horrible mistake with the time being 3:28am. LOL

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