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SELECT * FROM pokeballs WHERE = “Pikachu”

For my databases class we need to design a photo-sharing website, along the lines of Flickr. Users can register and upload photos, assign tags to them, search photos by name or tags, and have photos recommended to them based on the tags.

Someone asked whether we would be given stock photos to upload to our site. No, the teacher replied, we would have to provide our own. Well good thing I have something in mind.

I am going to upload the original Pokemon and tag them based on their type and possibly family. "Like Pikachu? You might also like...Raichu, Electabuzz, Voltorb..."

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  1. Oh man! I wanted to make something like that when I was like 11, except my extent of programming knowledge was ‘if I type 2+2=x; cout<<x into C++ it will output 4’ so it didn’t go so well.

    But! So! Awesome! Do it.

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