Excuses excuses…

I saw my first rainbow today. It was awesome. The weather went from a downpour to cheery sunniness within the space of five minutes, and we were treated with some welcome warmth as well as that marvelous arc.

The pictures today would have been of that lovely sight, but my camera broke about a week ago, the result of a sharp drop on the floor. The official fix is to send your camera in and pay 75% of the original price. The unofficial fix, which has a surprising number of success stories, is literally to smack your camera against a table. This is perhaps the only case I have ever seen where the correct response to a hardware malfunction is to give it a good whack.

Sadly, it did not work. (Though it was fun trying.) I still have enough post ammunition left for the few days I will still be here, including a particularly juicy post that I’ve been putting off. Tomorrow night is really the only full night I’ll have left, as Thursday night is a farewell dinner (at a pub, of course) and Modern Jive, Friday night is London, and Saturday night is a plane flight that will only set me forward one or two hours due to the time difference. They will be an exciting few days.

Pictures are from my aimless wandering through Bristol.

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  1. ^_^* Ur so funny!

    I’m glad you had a stellar time in England and, at the same time, I’m glad to be getting my Asian back 🙂 *air hug!***

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