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No, that’s not iced tea

I was told to do something crazy. Well, this one's for you, Jen.

Company took us out to the Beer Engine in order to welcome us to Exeter. Everything was on the house, and this was perhaps the safest place I could do it in terms of company and self-restraint, not to mention I was in a country where it was actually I got a half pint of Silver Bullet, made in the brewery right there.

Wow, beer tastes like shit. It reminded me of this bitter tea that my parents make when I'm sick. Fish and chips were well made though, and the mango-apple juice I had to wash away the piss was quite good. And none of it coming out of my pocket was even better.

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Ow. Pain.

Walked over six miles today. It's 1.2 miles to work and 1.5 miles to the gym, much of it uphill. It's 1.5 miles from work to the shopping center/centre, and another .5 miles back home. Home -> work -> stores -> home -> gym -> home. If nothing else, I'll be more than prepared for the walks in store for me this coming semester.

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Sex train

The other intern and I had been planning to book a coach at the airport once we arrived, and take a four-hour ride into Exeter. We arrived an hour later than expected, but there were trains all throughout the day, so we figured we'd be fine.

Pshh, no. We walked up to one of the self-service ticket terminals only to find that all the buses had been booked into the evening. Yes, all into the evening. We couldn't get into Exeter unless we wanted to wait several hours at the airport and then arrive past midnight.

We took the backup option: a train service than ran from London to Exeter. It was more expensive, on the order of four times more expensive (69 pounds, keeping in mind that a pound is roughly two dollars), which is why we didn't choose it even though it was a bit faster than the bus. We took two intra-city trains (shown) to Paddington, and then a Amtrak-type train all the way to Exeter.


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