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It’s no baloney, it aint a phony…

While waiting for the obscenely expensive train to arrive, I stopped by a Vodaphone vendor to pick up a pay-as-you-go phone. It was expensive, and its minutes follow in that tradition, but I was getting used to the notion that everything in England was expensive, and I have yet to find any prices contrary to that belief. It was worth the price though, because its alarm wakes me up and the phone itself lends me a bit of safety knowing I can reach people and be reached.

I originally brought my own cell phone for that alarm and timekeeping purpose, but found that because it could not get a signal it couldn't calibrate the time, and would not accept a manual setting. But that's really just an excuse to justify my (not actually very) shiny new phone.

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  1. I mean, you could just get a wristwatch for timekeeping- and you could probably set up a crontab for the alarm…

    • I’d need to set up Linux, and then find a way to wake the computer up from hibernation 😛 .

      A watch is a novel idea though. I left all of mine at home.

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