Okay, I figured that the keyboards here in the UK might replace the dollar symbol with the pound sign. I can fix that. What I can’t fix are the small physical differences in the keyboard that are totally messing with me.

When I trained to touch-type, I took into account that the enter key and the shift key were pretty damn big. No reason to reach all the way to the other end of the keys when you can just hit the closer end. Simple and practical conservation of movement.

But England is like no you lazy American, work those pinkies! For the first day and a half I put a # at the end of my urls and a at the beginning of each sentence. And the rightAlt key is bent on world domination, because instead of alt-left moving me back a page, it rotates my screen orientation. I have no need for practicing my ability to read upside down, but what I do want is to be able to scroll backwards in peace!

My only victory was changing the keyboard settings back to a US configuration, so @ is back on top of the 2 instead of where ” should be.

1 comment on thanks,#steven

  1. You are such a geek.

    But one of the very best I know.

    P.S. I would really love to be able to rotate my screen! That would be so cool.

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