Unfortunately, rule lawyers are even less liked than regular lawyers

I like technology.
Technology needs documentation written about it.
Those proficient with technology are typically not as proficient at writing.
I am proficient at writing.
I like writing.
I like manuals.
Manuals need to be written.

Let’s recap:

  • I like technology. – Very common.
  • I like writing. – Not quite as common paired with the first.
  • I like manuals. – I am the only person I have ever known who likes manuals.

I love reading documentation. Before playing a game I will gladly dive into documentation and written resources headfirst, absorbing everything I can and getting a feel for the setting. I strive to find out what works and how to do it, what is worth doing and why they were worth including. I do everything I can to make sure that I know everything that pros know, that I’m at no disadvantage for my lack of experience. I spend the time climbing so that I can stand on the shoulders of giants.

Technical writing is perhaps the lamest job that fits my skillset, even lower than writing flavor text for games. But god, do I wish I could do them.

8 comments on Unfortunately, rule lawyers are even less liked than regular lawyers

  1. That’s very Steven. I know that’s what manuals are for…I like the fun of diving into something without reading and try to get it to work. LOL!!! Huge failure rate, but LOLOLOLOLOLOL! =] That’s why you’re good at setting up.

  2. I think you could do very well as a manual writer, it sounds like something that’ll bring you joy and goodness knows we need more good manuals!

    And you know what, if you like it…and there’s health insurance…that’ll be good enough, right?

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