The Domain of Steven Pinnacle of Paperless Perfection


Sorcerer primary attribute + Most popular maschinenpistole, for the innumerate + S’aint chastity or engaged couples, it’s the second word, singular!

(10:14:49 PM) kninetales1988: Did you get married to a firebreathing ninja llama pony?
(10:14:58 PM) SarcasticSteven: hmm
(10:15:08 PM) SarcasticSteven: as far as i know, i was married to the sea
(10:15:17 PM) SarcasticSteven: but she might very well have been holding out on me
(10:16:45 PM) kninetales1988: are you married to just one thing?
(10:16:53 PM) SarcasticSteven: the sea is pretty big
(10:17:00 PM) SarcasticSteven: though don't let her know i told you that
(10:17:11 PM) kninetales1988: YOU CALLED HER FAT
(10:17:35 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's all water weight
(10:18:04 PM) kninetales1988: that's not nice. if you think she's fat, you should say something.
(10:18:36 PM) SarcasticSteven: hey i don't go around asking her why she's so obsessed with capsizing ships and consuming sailors
(10:18:43 PM) SarcasticSteven: and she doesn't ask why i never visit her anymore
(10:18:58 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's a delicate truce
(10:19:23 PM) kninetales1988: maybe she's missing you. and capsizing ships because she's lonely
(10:19:43 PM) SarcasticSteven: a likely story
(10:20:09 PM) SarcasticSteven: if she really loved me she wouldn't be taking so many men into her folds
(10:20:15 PM) SarcasticSteven: she knows how jealous i get
(10:21:01 PM) kninetales1988: well if you never visit maybe she forgot
(10:21:56 PM) SarcasticSteven: but what do i know
(10:22:27 PM) SarcasticSteven: i don't have poets spinning words about me all day
(10:23:05 PM) SarcasticSteven: i don't have full-grown men pining to travel along my expanses for the rest of their lives
(10:23:46 PM) SarcasticSteven: maybe it's just a natural consequence for someone in that position to turn into a traitorous harlot
(10:24:21 PM) kninetales1988: you and her should see a marriage counselor
(10:24:48 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's kinda hard to find one who will see both of us
(10:25:07 PM) SarcasticSteven: or rather, to have a proper meeting
(10:25:53 PM) SarcasticSteven: i hate going to the beach, and when she comes to see me, weather emergencies blather about and everyone starts evacuating the city
(10:26:03 PM) SarcasticSteven: the counselors included

And a riddle because Shelly had been complaining.

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  1. champagne.

    There’s too many questions to why you love her. Maybe things will work out better if you had a little more energy to go with her rhythm?

  2. My mom filled out the form the other night, but it probably won’t be working for another week or so.

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