Can a couple have a glaring problem go unnoticed until a better lover comes along?

If it was grounds for breaking up, why was it not noticed before?

If it was noticed but ignored for lack of a better lover available, was the deserter justified in making the abandoned believe nothing was wrong and that their future was assured, even while unhappy?

5 comments on Requiem

  1. Well, I mean, clearly, yes. Imagine, you have always been playing Doom95. And then you suddenyl get a copy of Half Life2 in the mail.

    See what I mean?

    1. For some reason it doesn’t email me notifications when you comment…maybe cause you don’t link a url?

      Does Half-Life 2 let you punch out demons? No, Gordon has to be all wussy and use a crowbar. End of story.

      1. I can just see it

        “X is so 1337 he can beat Doom95 with just the chainsaw!”
        “Oh yeah? Well I can beat it barehanded!”

        And then they both get pwned because they forgot to look up in Counterstrike.

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