Smoky gists, meanings, essences, themes…

The desk lamp that casts shadows across the room can still wash away my worries and make my room feel like home. I love being in a school with such animate people in abundance, but it’s still nice to be alone with your thoughts. As I look at my desk and see the free pens stolen from Splash and Collegefest, the post-its hanging off the side of my monitor, homemade Japanese flashcards lying next to new ones waiting to be filled, and my keyboard hanging off the table while being supported by an open drawer so that I can have room to put my books, I’m amazed at the extent to which I’ve settled down. In fact, the only thing that shocks me more is the realization that I’m not homesick, but happy and content.

Now if only this cough would go away and I could finally get the hang of Japanese and calculus, everything would be peachy keen.

I’d love some cheap Chinatown food, too.

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  1. College is home- even if you return for the summer, you still spend more time here than there. If you were homesick, it would be sad indeed.

    1. I’m already dreading moving the stuff out of my room. It already feels weird enough knowing I’d be leaving for a few days, but a few months?!?!

      1. A lot of people here, at least, stay for the summer- I know I did. On the other hand, you’ll probably be moving later anyway, since, presumably, upperclassmen get better rooms.

  2. mmm I want cheap Chinatown too . . . I was so excited when we started derivates last class that I thought I was having an identity crisis. Anything that isn’t limits is good by me!

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