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I win at math

(02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you > everyone else
(02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you = cute
(02:27:54) dabiggestDREAMer: <3
(02:27:56) SarcasticSteven: so...transitive
(02:27:59) SarcasticSteven: cute > everyone else
(02:28:06) SarcasticSteven: and therefore everyone else != cute?
(02:28:11) dabiggestDREAMer: LOLL

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  1. oh, late night conversations. 😛

  2. i just noticed this blog’s an hour off.. it was 1:09 when i posted that, not 0:09. =O

  3. Did you put programming in there too? Because I totally remember someone telling me (maybe) that the exclamation point in Java was like “un-,” or something. :/ It could’ve really just been something.

  4. Yaaay I get the joke! (thanks to taking a term of Comp Programming)

  5. oh my. it actually makes sense to my math-illiterate brain 🙂

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