+cha to attack, +level to dam

There is an ass that needs to be kicked. In fact, I still do feel that his ass deserves a severe pounding, a passionate pounding, even. I restrain myself not out of fear of the local law enforcement, but because it is unbecoming to go into a fit of rage in front of one’s girlfriend.

But fool me twice and you’re a dead man.

As for me? I’m going to continue giving this relationship my all despite the pain.

7 comments on +cha to attack, +level to dam

  1. to be honest, i am of the opinion that a girlfriend could and should see the worst in her boyfriend as well as the best.

  2. :S Are you sure it’s unbecoming? Because some girls dig violent guys, and I don’t want you to be in pain Steve, so go ahead, kick some ass.

  3. why is it unbecoming to be enraged in front of one’s girlfriend? it seems appropriate, even noble, to be rightly angry.

    1. She does not want him to be beaten up. It would be unbecoming to go against her wishes for the sake of personal revenge.

  4. Yeah, well, erm, erm, if you were female like me it’d be even worse, so there, hmph!

    That said, I’ve never felt the need to go into violent rage. *hugs* Don’t know what happened, but good luck with it. ‘sides, you could just beat him up later and not tell her about it.

  5. i’m under the impression that if you see the need to kick an ass, then it has probably gone beyond the “necessary” point. but that’s just crazy me and my hatred of most forms of self-restraint. maybe.

    how did your thesis go, by the way? i assume i am right in using the past tense here. ,:)

    1. I cranked out my thesis in a fairly large writing binge broken up with me constantly falling asleep and being woken up. But I got it done.

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