More self-imposed rule breaking? Blasphemy!

SarcasticSteven (1:05:13 PM): if you took the last three days and isolated them, you’d think i had a social life
SarcasticSteven (1:05:20 PM): it’s blowing my mind

And by three days, I meant Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That shows you how long I’ve been meaning to post, but kept back because of the deadly duo of work and procrastination. It was a barrage of social activities during the three-day weekend that just passed, and it was obscenely fun. Obscenely tiring too, but it’s not like I normally get the chance to do much, so I was happy. Thursday night was spent at Junior Comedy Night, where for a relatively nominal fee we would get two drinks and a two-hour show by a number of stand-up comedians. Friday afternoon was spent at her place, and Friday night was spent at a friend’s party. Saturday night was spent at a friend’s sweet sixteen in a restaurant/party place.

Junior Comedy Night was named so because it was an event coordinated by Stuy juniors. You bought your tickets from a junior, but you could give them to anyone you wanted, so we had a couple seniors come as well. It was held at a club called The Improv, which had a big basement which still barely managed to fit us. Even at a quarter till the start of the show, there was only seating at the flanks and back tables.

It was very dark, just barely above CTY-dance dark. The only light came from the powerful spotlights focused on the stage and from the candles that were strewn around each desk. Open candles, mind you, which meant that after a short period of time the candle at the other end of the table was inadvertantly blown out. They tried to light it with a candle from another table, but forgot that liquid wax collects near the flame :-P. I used the less wet method of tearing off a strip of paper from the menu and lighting it on our candle so that I could light theirs with it. It went perfect the first time, but when I tried to do it again to another person’s candle, the whole paper literally burst into flames upon contact. I was just barely able to light the other candle and let go of the burning piece of paper before being singed. It freaked everyone else out that there was a still-burning piece of paper on the table, which made the pain worthwhile.

The comedy acts themselves were pretty good. There was a heavy emphasis on school and ethnic jokes , which was fine by me. They were all great. The MC got a hold of the list of Stuy clubs and made fun of the stranger ones, like the Lumberjack club and the Rock Paper Scissors club, and made sexual connocations with the Chinese Entertainment club and the Meat Eating club. The best comedians were the ones that tied their jokes together, or the ones that talked about non-school, non-racial things. One of them went along the lines of,

When you’re poor, there are some things that you need to get both of at the supermarket, but you just can’t afford it. “Should I get the laxative…or the toilet paper? Gimme the laxative. I want it in a paper bag, please. And YES, I WANT THE RECEIPT.”

The party on Friday was preceded by watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at her place. I had already seen it and loved it, so the second time was more enlightening and gave me a greater appreciation of it. I actually fully understood the sequence of events this time!

After it was over we went to a party at an awfully fancy apartment building. There were three elevators, carpeting in the hallway, a guard desk, over twenty floors with good views, and probably invisible ninja just in case the tenants were attacked. We arrived earlier than…well…anyone, so we chilled out for a while. The party giver’s mom offered us Seltzer to drink (we’re sugar-addicted kids, mind you), which makes her the strangest host I’ve ever met.

People filtered in, with the party giver returning after a handful of people had arrived. People kept filtering in throughout the night, most of which I knew, so I never felt awkward. Everyone split up into groups doing different things, and I wandered around, so I got to play a Japanese import that involved people hitting a drum with sticks (think Donkey Konga), listen to guitar and piano music, take part in a can-can line, quarantine the study, and see strange but hilarious videos online (a cat mauling a monkey, a cat beating up a baby, Japanese girls slapping each other, and a katana splitting bullets in half [a promo video which, of course, ended with a sun rising over the Earth]). It was a fun couple of hours that seemed long and short at the same time. We had a curfew, so we left before we could get wasted or raped.

The sweet sixteen the day after was just as fun. The birthday girl held her party at an Indian restaurant/party place, which was very evident in the food they served and the music they played. I.E. it was hot and I didn’t understand any of it. There were weird foods that contained god knows what but were generally very spicy, and there was music that was very danceable but in a different language. That’s never stopped me from listening to music before, but since we were in formal wear, our groove was slightly impaired.

We originally got there extremely early, which meant that we had idle time before the party as well as during the party, so we had to find way to occupy ourselves. The number of things to do increased once the main course was served, as the room mysteriously heated up to the point where the windows fogged up. After the meal was cake and a bit more dancing, and no, I did not cause any groups to necrose.

I was tired when the party wrapped up a bit before midnight, but it was worth it. I stole my spiffy name card, cleared my sinuses and pores, and was spied on. It’s not every day you get to do all that in a suit.

So that’s the monstrous post to break the longest no-post streak I’ve ever been on barring CTY.

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  1. Steve, is that your girlfriend or you just getting cosy with the chicks, again? She is pretty. 🙂 (No, I will not make ungentlemanly andvances and will keep all paws to self.) I’m proud of you not necorsing any groups, and getting biology terms into your entry. You should’ve taken HDIS; ’twas fun and you would’ve been Guy No. 4. :O Holy crap on the social life, since when?? You were properly pyromaniacal so that’s good and I love the signature napkin picture, just in case we forgot your initials.

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