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I oughta have a drum and pink fur

The first week back is over. It had its ups and downs, the ups being time with her and finding out that my little brother got into baby CTY, and the downs being the difficult American Studies and AP Compsci tests. I could use another vacation.

Napkin hat

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  1. OMG, cam whore! 😛 You poor game deprived child, should we send money and become “members” with access to exxxclusive members’ perks so you can buy more?

  2. No money but a link I thought you might enjoy. This is a plug-in to look into. Unfortuantely they are quite adiment (I tried about 4 times to spell it and then gave up) that it’s NOT-NUDE but I’m sure you being smart could find some way to get us nudes. 😉

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