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“And I’m soaking through and through…”

The personal heating business is awfully lucrative.

So is the rapping business; even Grace has joined the bandwagon. The link leads to a page of streaming video around 20 megs large, so sit tight.

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Pronoun confusion

Alright, this is perhaps the first time I've done it on this site, so I feel I should explain a bit. When I talk about a sensitive subject, I make vague references. It's your job to piece together those references, along with what you know about me, to find out what just happened in my life. Because really, the only time I'd make such vague references is when something interesting and sensitive has come up. You're probably not going to get it, and even if you understand some of the clues, you're probably not going to get the whole picture unless you understand all of them. I'm like Scytale; I have to give people a chance. It's fun to see my puzzles come to fruition, so do tell me if you think you've figured it out (explanations of the clues would be cool too). Perhaps one day I'll write up an explanation for all of them. I'd charge for access, of course 😛 .

  • Chapter (Adams' number added to itself, plus one) of the ramen lover's manga, or Adams' number plus 7 for the corresponding anime.
  • It's kinda odd to refer to Xinhua and QuoteDB in the same post...
  • Can you half-orbit?
  • if (p==87) p=86;
  • The 3 doesn't give me any hassle, but the sixtieth symbol sets off the XHTML alarm. Good thing I found the BSUC page.
  • Abound indeed.

And because it'd be too insubstantial for a post in itself, I might as well tack this onto this post, to cheer you up after being confused. I'm Woodrow Wilson. I would've wanted to wear the Stetson hat, but it wasn't in line with my character.
Class act: Someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence.

Edit: And if you want to see my English teacher play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd on the guitar for the first time in years, now you can. Careful, it's fifteen megabytes of streaming video, so commit yourself to it before you click.

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Dreams are created, not fulfilled

The second college trip went very well. I lucked out again and had a lot of cool people on my bus, which meant that the bus rides themselves were fun. The hotel stays, down time, and often the tours themselves were home to a lot of random stuff, and a number of inside jokes spawned from them (the balloon, Harry Potter, videos of people dancing, Disney movies and orgies to name a few).

Day 1
-Yale: Very animate information session, but I didn't like the look and feel of the school. Too old-fashioned.
-Wesleyan: Didn't impress me, but it didn't depress me. I'll still consider it a choice, especially after hearing that they have sex parties.
-Connecticut College: Wasn't paying attention.

After being very late to Yale, we skipped lunch and rushed to the other colleges. When we got to the hotel, it was like a wasteland. The only places nearby were McDonald's, Boston Market, a liquor store, and Petco. We had a weird visit to Petco and then hopped over to McDonald's to play Durrac with three decks of cards mixed together. A long game, but fun, especially when a group of kids asked where we came from and I said that we were professional Durrac players that attended Flushing High (local zone school) and walked all the way to play in their McDonald's. Weird things happened at night, involving Lizzy McGuire sex and orgies.

Day 2
-Brown: Aesthetically pleasing. That's all I really remember about it.
-Harvard: Aesthetically pleasing too. We had a rushed lunch, but our tour group dispersed quickly at our insistence and I got to gobble down lunch with friends at a cool bagel place.
-MIT: Now the fun starts. This place is geeky, and proud of it. I loved the place, from its architecture to its student body to its facilities geared toward geeks (large convenience store, fast food, and arcade with DDR, pool, and air hockey all on one floor). Definitely going on my application.

A couple friends and I got lost in MIT after we ducked into the bathroom, finding no tour group in sight when we got out. We wandered the campus and found another set of people that was lost, but no tour group. Through avid use of our cell phones we found out where everyone was convening to go to the hotel, so we waited there, playing chinese poker and forming a grass orgy. When we got to the hotel, we originally wanted to go to a local restaurant, but getting lost, we decided to chill in the MIT rec center we passed by on the tour. Failed miserably at DDR, did a little better at pool, and overall had a really nice time. Got to watch Mel Gibson flop around in pantyhose while I ate pizza with friends, too. When curfew came around, a mixed group of us chilled out for at least half an hour watching badly dubbed anime and laughing at Futurama. When we finally went back to our rooms, we (geekily) watched the History Channel and accidentally left it on all night.

Day 3
-Boston University: Safe school in a city. Is there anything else to be said?
-Olin: When given a choice of a business college, an engineering college, and a women's college, there's only one real choice for me. Time to declare my real gender. Olin was amazing. It's a miniscule school, admitting only 75 kids a year, but I actually wasn't really turned off by that. Until Stuyvesant, I had been in very small schools, and I liked knowing everyone and having everyone know me. The buildings were spacious, the architecture was nice, and so overall I loved the campus, if you could even call it that. Hot stuff.
-Amherst: No clue. The info session guy was very entertaining (random witty comments), but I don't recall ANYTHING about Amherst.

Dinner was held at McDonald's at a rest stop. We probably made them enough money so that they can take the rest of the year off. After that, we had a long, but very enjoyable, bus ride home, filled with Aladdin, falling baggage compartments, and henna holding. The convoy our bus was in actually broke up as we approached Stuy, with the two other buses going another way. Our bus got there first 😀 .


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Did you know Upenn provides a free escort service for its students?

I'm going on another College Trip Friday to Sunday. Hopefully we won't have too much homework, as it's the first week back and there are shortened periods, so I won't have to make up too much on the bus ride. The long bus rides. It shouldn't be that bad, but you never know how seating will turn out.

A lot of the colleges are too high-brow for me, like MIT and Harvard, but I'm very much interested in Wesleyan (in the sense that I actually have a shot, and it's a good school). I'm going to be treating it more like a random social trip rather than a college trip, but that was my mindset last time, and I actually got pretty interested in colleges by the end of the trip. Almost all of that interest was washed away after the trip ended, but still 😛 .

During last year's college fair at Stuyvesant:
Her: I'm going to go to the Upenn room. Wanna come?
Me: Nah, I don't think I'll get into Upenn. I'll go in here.
Her: What's that room?
Me: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sounds cool.
Her: You're going in there?!
Me: (knows MIT, but doesn't know Massachusetts Institute of Technology stood for MIT) Umm...yea? I'll see you.
*goes inside, sees a sparsely populated room mainly comprised of smart, nerdy Asian guys, sits down*
Spokesman: Hello everyone, this room is for MIT...
Voice inside my head: MIT? What? But I thought this room is for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology...*eyes open wide* OH SHIT!

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Finals week (which should really be called midterms week) is over, and it went off without too much trouble. At least in the sense that I got through all of them without dying. I fell asleep during the first half of the AP Compsci final at least twice, causing me to miss a question, but I caught it when I checked my answers. I also fell asleep numerous times during the English Regents, prompting the proctor to walk up to me and ask, "Are you okay? You want a drink of water? You must be really tired..." I avoided eye contact.

I also went out twice during the course of finals week, and though there was only one web-worthy picture for the first outing, I had an armful from the second, so the second thumbnail will lead you to the album instead of the picture.

332|1Monkey business

My classes turned out very well this term. Almost all my teachers have gotten good reviews from my friends, and they seem cool. Physics shouldn't be as much of a problem, as a result. Our teacher's actually pretty fun. In the fifteen minute class we had today, he came into class before us and tied a rope to the sink at one side of the room and went to the other side of the room holding the other end of the rope. He wouldn't say a word, he just stood there while we filed in. Once we were all seated, he pressed play on a boombox that was next to him, and Whip It started playing.
Crack that whip *lash*
Give the past the slip *lash*
Then after the line, "Now whip it," he ran to the board and slid one of them across to reveal another board saying "CRACK THAT WHIP!!!" We then looked to the ropes that had been strung along our tables, and we all started whipping them. This was to demonstrate waves, the first topic we'll be covering this term 😀 .

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