Relieving stress for only eight dollars

I’m trying to obtain ownership of this domain from its previous owner. I won it in an online auction using electronic currency, but it was registered in his name. The transfer should take place smoothly, but I don’t know when the transfer will go through or how long this site will be down (cause without the domain to point to it, there’s no way to access it…). If there are any major problems, updates will be posted at my Livejournal. The domain name has no influence over my website’s files, as I would be able to access them even without a domain, and I have contingency plans in case of a mishap. Just sit tight till the tide washes over.

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  1. ai ai, Cap’n. Can’t wait until you get to go all dictatorial and possessive on our butts. (Not literally, I think. Although if you do it would still be interesting …)

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