The orange…it burns!

Gates are gates. I didn’t see anything remarkable about them, and even though I got a sample of the material the gates are made of, I wasn’t impressed. The excursion was still pretty fun, staring off with me chilling out in Barnes and Nobles for over an hour waiting for everyone to show up. We then went to Central Park to see the gates, but also climbed the artificially placed and supported rock faces, piled on top of the seesaw, swung on the swings, and tossed around frisbees and baseballs. We went to a random coffee shop to eat (they had trouble seating us, but it was alright), then went to go see Constantine. The only problem was that even though I was 17, not everyone else was, and the theater stubbornly refused to grant us admission. So we backtracked to the one place where there’s no age restriction: FAO Schwartz. It’s practically becoming a hangout for us. We explored the top floors more this time, but we eventually settled down in the basement. After gaining a foothold in the right places, we enjoyed games of air hockey and foosball as well as the large couch in front of the wide screen television.

The following day was a mix of seemingly random events. I first went to Cerami & Associates to talk about my internship this summer. The talk was pretty brief; they confirmed that I’d be doing a lot of the same again, but I was welcome to poke around the audio-visual department if I wanted to (I had previously stuck to the acoustical department). I had some time to kill before my rendezvous with friends, so I put on the change of clothes I brought (I came to Cerami in a dress shirt) and explored CompUSA, Cold Stone (ice creeeeam), a random internet cafe (not a gaming cafe, otherwise I would have spent all my time there), and a fancy schmancy McDonalds (whose dollar menu is really pitiful). I then saw Bride and Prejudice, which reminded me of Bend It Like Beckham in that though the main problems were resolved, there was no guarantee of a happy ending. It had a lot more funny moments than Bend It Like Beckham, though, so I enjoyed it. We dined lightly at Applebees (it’s already expensive, and Manhattan jacks up the prices of everything, so…) and then went to a seemingly random New York museum for one of her assignments. It had a surprisingly cool collection of items (and not as many paintings, which I’m not as keen on), and it was nice and quiet. The only people we saw were old fogeys who shied away from us 😛 .


Edit: I later saw Constantine at home. It was a pointless movie. There were cool moments, and those moments were extremely cool, but you’re left without much knowledge of anything. There is no resolution, because you’re not even sure what the problem was. I liked the concepts, as I expected I would, but while I would see (and have seen) certain moments again, I wouldn’t pay to do so. Sorry, but there isn’t even random sex to offset the vagueness of the movie.

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  1. One of my friends really wants to see Bride and Prejustice, mostly because of Naveen Andews. Its too bad you didn’t get to see Constantine, because I would have wnated to know your comments on it. Oh, and the only thing that matters on the $1 menu is the double cheeseburger. If they have that, all is well.

  2. Naveen Andrews is a guy. 🙂 He plays Sayid on Lost and he sings in the movie. All I know.

    What do you mean by vagueness? I still mantain that it was a ood flick in the confines of the genre. And it had a visible plot with a resolution- y’know, Earth saved, Constantine’s lung cancer cured…stuff like that. I have alot of critisisms, but, vagueness? o.0

  3. The first paragraph confused me. I do not know why you are climbing gates (unless you have this gate-fetish you are keeping secret from me which is okay because I don’t think there’s much gate pr0n I could get you anyway) but um, yay? Wrought iron gates can be interesting but aside from that they’re gates.

    I’m sorry the $1 menu was so pitiful and that “Constantine” sucked (not even SEX?! what sort of geek movie is this??) but FAO Shwartz will always save the day. Is the one in Manhatten closed or remodeling? I need to know so I can sleep easy. 🙁 I saw Beyonce singing in front/back of it once, too bad I’m not a fan.

  4. This is a shitty system for answering comments like that. Wah.

    -bringing people from hell

    If you are not dead, you don’t belong in hell. Getting there and getting out is one of those powers-things (like Constantine’s, etc). Being brought back to life after death, also brings you back to life, literally speaking.

    -deal with the chair

    I forge this, but it was somehting aboutit killing Constantine (temporarily) while fusing his oul with al the poeple it killed before. As I said, i forget that aprt entirely.

    -Midnite’s powers

    Smae as Consantine’s powers. Exept more powerful. Because he is a tribal shaman, dude (I thought Midnite was awesome. Might be just me though).

    -John’s symbols

    The ones summonign Gabriel? They are a summons symbols. Pretty self-explanatory.

    -Son of Satan coming out

    He was just posessing people. But with the spear of destiny he could annul the part that sys hat he can’t actually come into the world.

    -spear of destiny
    Power amplifier. For the side of evil. Huge F*ing power amplifier. Exept, y’know, small.

    -Chaz’s death
    He got whacked aournd by the power amplifier.

    -Lucifer granting John Wishes
    Point of honor. He wa sin John’s Debt for helping him not-loose the war.

    -John coming back from hell the first time
    He got revived by the paramedics. Put in a clinic.

    Gabriel figured out that for as long as humanity is comfortable, it will delight in its evilness and sining. So, the bets way to turn them to religion is t make them unhappy. Like, having evil forces kill a bunch of people. Because when there are evil forces running around, you are going to want protection and pray. Which will make Gabriel happy and give him power.

    So Satan’s son is like an idiot who didn’t count on this. Or maybe he figured that who cares about the bet when you can actually kill people. Now, Satan, he cares about the entire bet thing. Besides, he wants souls, not bodies. So, when given the opportunity to put things in place, he does.

    Oh, yah, Gabriel. gabriel was int he proces of breaking the rules for the bet. Bad move. Nobody likes rule breakers. Besides, power of Satan>halfling like Gabriel. So, Satan screws Gabriel over by making him human. And God is like “Dude, Satan has a point.” and doesn’t interfere.

    This probably has a lot os spelling mistakes. Meh.

  5. Because Keanu Reeves sais “You used to be a shaman, Midnite…”. BTW, I was wrong with what I was saying- looked at the comic yesterday: Midnite’s powers are basicly 1337 skillz, rather than actual powers. Like, he learned tobe a shaman. And he also animated corpses so he could charge people to watch bloody zombie box. But I digress.

    God didn’t do anything because God was not getting screwed over by Gabriel’s actions. In the context of the bet, Gabriel was right- SS’s coming into the world would have turned a lot of people to the path of righteoussness.

    -Because she wasn’t dead and she had 1337 powrz.
    -Because they said so? Dude I didn’t read the comic until after I answered you.
    -He was going to kill the girl and use the spear to release the demon
    – OK, Id didn’t make up the sumoning ritual. Maybe I was confused or somehting. *shrug* “Icall upon god’s power to bring forth salvation” gabril: Hi, i am salvation God: Oh, ok *send forth* *sjhrug*
    – Lucifer is awesome. Although, the Awesome Bar Lucifer is not the Movie Lucifer. But he is still cool like that. *shrug*

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