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Strayhorn, here I come!

Changing to WordPress version 1.5. Don't worry if your soul is sucked into the computer; everything should be updated shortly.

Edit: Done. I had to work around a number of problems because index.php and wp-layout.css are no longer kept in the home directory, but I managed to fix it. You're going to be deprived of the links I used to have on the right panel until I can find some workaround for that too. The problem was that it kept using the graphic designated as the background for the date. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if it resized itself or didn't make the text teeny tiny. As it stands, I can't use WordPress' built-in link function, but it's not like I used it that avidly anyway. I'll either construct a new panel on the right like I did for the Other Sections bit, or incorporate it into my About page.

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  1. Bah. You can have the soul if I get my uberly cool BRQ potato chips. And frosting.

  2. Bah. I am sure if you trie dhard enough you could make it rain BRQ chips. And maybe frosting. But rosting is more of a mesh, so it would have to find another way of getting to me.

  3. Thatw why the musketeer hats rox0r. Although getting stuff out of the feather would, possibly, constitute a problem.

  4. We deserve our own panel. 😛 Not like I should talk, I don’t have links up right now either. >.> Whoa, I just noticed that you have this weird dash thing going over today’s date in the calender. That’s pretty hot, Steve, pretty hot indeed.

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