Pronoun confusion

Alright, this is perhaps the first time I’ve done it on this site, so I feel I should explain a bit. When I talk about a sensitive subject, I make vague references. It’s your job to piece together those references, along with what you know about me, to find out what just happened in my life. Because really, the only time I’d make such vague references is when something interesting and sensitive has come up. You’re probably not going to get it, and even if you understand some of the clues, you’re probably not going to get the whole picture unless you understand all of them. I’m like Scytale; I have to give people a chance. It’s fun to see my puzzles come to fruition, so do tell me if you think you’ve figured it out (explanations of the clues would be cool too). Perhaps one day I’ll write up an explanation for all of them. I’d charge for access, of course 😛 .

  • Chapter (Adams’ number added to itself, plus one) of the ramen lover’s manga, or Adams’ number plus 7 for the corresponding anime.
  • It’s kinda odd to refer to Xinhua and QuoteDB in the same post…
  • Can you half-orbit?
  • if (p==87) p=86;
  • The 3 doesn’t give me any hassle, but the sixtieth symbol sets off the XHTML alarm. Good thing I found the BSUC page.
  • Abound indeed.

And because it’d be too insubstantial for a post in itself, I might as well tack this onto this post, to cheer you up after being confused. I’m Woodrow Wilson. I would’ve wanted to wear the Stetson hat, but it wasn’t in line with my character.
Class act: Someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence.

Edit: And if you want to see my English teacher play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd on the guitar for the first time in years, now you can. Careful, it’s fifteen megabytes of streaming video, so commit yourself to it before you click.

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  1. You make one hot Wilson, let me tell you that. And we all thought he was this skinny, idealist white guy when in fact he’s a skinny, idealist asian.

  2. I can’t do math. Proven fact. 16-4=10. Cost me a mathlete-of-the-month title.

    I saw 49 of anime once upon a time, but by once-upon-a-time I mean about a year or more ago. And, luck would have it, my disks are loaned out to a friend who is not likely to watch them anytime soon. Gah.

    Would it be illegitimate fo rme to look it up online? I think it is somewhere in the Chonen trials already. If we assume line 4 refers to people, then it is likely wilderness survival, as there were not that many in the tournament. Could be the writing exam, but since the previous arc ended in the 20s, so it is probably wilderness.

    So, it is a wilderness episode where somebody gets killed or disqualified. Inerstingly, there is only one person and such things usually occur in teams, unless you count the two idiots who got knocked on the head for opening the scroll. So, a possibility is that this is the episode where we find out about Orochimaru not being one of the contestants, as it decreases the amount of real contestants by exactly 1. On the other hand, it seems a bit too late in the series for that. Then again, this is Naruto=moves slowly. Still, suspicious.

    Another version is that this is a part of a multi-episode fight, where one person gets taken out. Or it could refer to some ranom juunin/chonen person found dead. I have no idea.

    Official look up permission? Am I supposed to be guessing contents?

    BTW, you got me addicted to Gungrave. Granted, 1 was great, 2 was awesome. Three is beyond description. I don’ t think number 4 can possibly be as good. But I think it might be. I think this is all your fault. I think that I should stop thinking. Yeah, really.

  3. yo man, i don’t get a single one of your clues. but that may be justified because i hardly know you 😛
    thanks for the video, it’s mad funny. especially at the end:
    F:”hey! what are you doing?”
    you: “um… nothing.” (clip ends)
    he’s actually not-too-bad of a singer

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