Excuse #5: I’ll make a bigger post later

Taking the old SAT on Saturday, and the new one some time around when prep school ends in April. I’d prefer that I got a high score on the new SAT, but it wouldn’t hurt to take the old one. I’dve been prepping last fall whether I was taking the old one or not. This time, though, I’m going all out and not omitting a single question. If I scored anything less than astonishing, which would be the case if used the usual method of omitting if answers can’t be eliminated, I’ll have the new SAT to rely on. If for some reason I get 1600, then all the better. I’ll still take the new SAT, but it’s nice to have an extra shot at winning the lotto.

American Studies and AP Computer Science finals Friday. SAT Saturday. Prep Sunday. English Regents Tuesday and Wednesday. Physics final Thursday. Precalculus final Friday. School Tuesday. Three-day College Trip Friday. Mmm.

three names you go by: Steven, Steve, Jet (Li)

three screennames you have had: TactOps88, Aximili111, PikaPikaPika

three things you like about yourself: Most everything can amuse me, I tend to have good
things happen to me, and I can safely eat peanuts

three things you don’t like about yourself: I often can’t help but smile (see, I’m even doing it right now!), I don’t take action unless I’m sure (with exceptions, I’ll post on this later), and I have no self-discipline when nobody else is involved (possible post, but I’ve half-covered this)

three parts of your heritage: New York, China, Keroppi

three things that scare you: Competition, being judged, and people popping up out of nowhere

three things you are wearing right now: Sweater, sweatpants, slippers, ect (am I the only one who browses the internet with more than their fucking underwear on?)

three new things you want to try in the next twelve months: To not procrastinate, to make a program that does something useful, and to get laid (I’ll have around 12 hours to fulfill that legally if we stick to the 12 month rule)

three things you want in a relationship: To be able to share a silence, to be able to ward off a silence, and to not feel jealous (hot sex can replace any one of those, if lacking)

two truths and a lie (in any order): (told during Cognitive Psychology icebreaker, so CTY oriented) I have all my CTY yearbooks, I’ve been to all four main dorms (Schnader, North Ben, South Ben, Thomas), and I once had a goldfish who looked dead but revived when I installed an turned on a filter.

(non-CTY version) I’ve been groped by another man, I’ve fed a lizard some fish, and I blew 20 dollars getting that lizard and a goldfish at a Chinese street fair game (the one where you toss pingpong balls into glass jars)

three physical things about the opposite (or same) sex that appeal to you: Hair, eyes, smile

three of your favorite hobbies: Reading manga, watching anime, and playing games

three things you want to do really badly right now: Sleep/spend some time without something hanging over my head, stop procrastinating, and slow dance to Nightswimming one more time (even though I’m not sure all these people understand)

three careers you’re considering: Architect, computer programmer, computer technician (repairmanmanmanmanmanmanmanman or repairboyboyboyboyboyboyboyboy)

three places you want to go on vacation: A cruise (any cruise, because the ship is where all the fun is at), at a LAN party, anywhere with friends

three kid’s names: April, Amber, and Jennifer

three things you want to do before you die: Make my parents sleep easy, make more children smile, and earnestly say “I love you” to at least one more person

three ways i am stereotypically a boy: Pre-porn stuff, porn stuff, post-porn stuff

three ways i’m stereotypically a chick: I have crushes but will never say anything (fuckers), I don’t initiate romantic actions (fuckers), and I’m nice (good transition)

three people who have to take this quiz right now: None of the people who I know read this would reciprocate. They’ve all matured too much.

3 comments on Excuse #5: I’ll make a bigger post later

  1. It’s you birthday. Er. It was your birthday. Yesterday. Happy birthday!

    I have a theory about ages which goes like this: Odd ages are better than even ages. Prime number ages are the best, except for two (even). Cubes are the second best (8, 27, etc.). Squares are not good, although being odd brings them up in status (almost equal with cubes). According to this theory, you are one of the best possible ages- 17! Have fun being 17.

    Also, you get extra credit points for making references to Keroppi, CTY, and All That in one post.

  2. Wow, Jihan’s number theory is much too complex for me. :O

    I will now go off and do your post. I tried to Track(you)Back but for some reason it did not work.

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