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“…his biggest crime was simply the result of a deaf lackey who misheard his order of “A bit of light panic, I think, eh?” as “The ship Titanic, sink her.””

“The Matron lost her right hand after a vicious bite from a patient. But even this proved to be blessing, gone was her athritis riddled hand and in its place a state-of-the-art prosthetic that could operate the electro-shock machines in a ceaseless parade of agony and torture. Her sadistic methods were only uncovered when the Swiss electricity board decided to investigate just why a small village in the mountains was consuming more power than Zurich.”

Evil Genius is a great game.

Half of the AP Computer Science final was on Friday, and I don’t think I did that badly. I might’ve fallen asleep a number of times, both dropping my pencil and missing a question, but I caught it when I checked over my answers. Luckily.

In even more test-related business, I got the results of my practice SAT. Not PSAT; this is from prep school. I scored a 660 in Verbal (if only I could get a six added onto that…), 710 in Math, and 550 in Writing dropped down to a 500 because of my 2 point essay that was out of 6 points. Yay for writing inconsistency. Last term, I got almost everything from 2 to 6, so we’ll see how wild my essay scores can get.

But it’s a good score, and I’m not in bad standing for the colleges I’m considering. Most of the top schools are out of my league, and I’m fine with that. I was told to keep in mind Wesleyan, Colgate, and Tufts as schools to consider (not safety nor reach). So if you know anybody who went there, I’d love feedback. On the safety side, there’s all the state colleges, which is fine too. I’d probably have a better chance of getting laid (though that’d probably be the extent of it). Polytech also seems like an interesting safety; my dad went there, and I’m looking towards an computer or engineering major anyway. If I happen to get into a liberal arts college like Wesleyan, I might look to see what psychology classes there are, though I already know I have an affinity for computers. This site is proof.

The reach schools are where it gets tricky. I’m smart, but not that smart. Few, if any, of the Ivies would considering scores lower than 700 in each, especially with my limited resume. I’ve just enough to cover a paper, but I’d need more if I wanted that much of a boost. I liked the campuses of Johns Hopkins and Swarthmore when I went there on the last College Trip (which I’ll be doing again February 4-6), so those will be among the reach schools I choose. I also have a partial legacy at Columbia because my mother went to Columbia Nursing. Partial because I’m not looking to get into Nursing. It’s like a ghetto legacy. My family’s rockin with the ghetto Columbia azn pride.

It’s doubtful there would be any rush, but that event is coming up in four days. It doesn’t have as much significance this year, but it does mean we get to eat cool food. As well as cram for my American Studies final.

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  1. Connections… my cousin goes to Swarthmore, a senior in my Spanish class and band section got into Wesleyan early decision, and a friend’s brother goes to Tufts. They’re all good academically. Wesleyan is supposed to have a liberal atmosphere (politically) and it’s supposed to have a diverse student body. Tufts is probably ‘preppier,’ supposedly like a safety school for the Ivy League but it’s definitely good and anybody who thinks it sucks is probably some arrogant Ivy League College Whore. I’ve never actually been to Tufts so I don’t know. Swarthmore is small and seems kind of isolated, but it’s near some PA city- I forget which.

    I also have no idea what’s going to be considered ‘good’ on the new SAT… 2000+? I guess I should study for that. I kind of want to take it in June as opposed to March, because between now and March I’m not going to get any studying done. Congrats on the practice test, though. The math score especially.

  2. I heard that Swarthemore is really cool, including a sci-fi and fantasy society with a massive role in life on campus. I am not sure about how cool they actually are, how cool Swarthmroe actually is and stuff, but, it seems pretty cool.

    I am applying to Tuftts, although I am not sure how likely I am to actually go there if I were to get in. Almost everybody in mys chool is applying, because,a s Jihan said, a lot of it is Ivy League Safety School and a lot of it is just Half My Class Is Applying So I will Too School.

    I am also applying to Carnegie Mellon and Duke, because Duke has a math program and Mellon, is, well, Mellon, meaning good comp-sci stuff. I have RIT and RPI as my safeties and a few reaches that are best left unnamed. Hope that helps.

  3. hol-ay-crap on that math score. I still haven’t gotten pats 630 yet, my seventh grade score. ;__; I am tre pathetic. I don’t know much about colleges really but I remember thinking that I was not going to go to Smith, Vassar, Holyoke (the girls’ schools) and then hearing that you actually get to maintian contact with the greater, and half male, world so maybe I will look into those farther. Do you have an area that you prefer maybe? That’s really the only thing I’m working off of: Northeast/New England and small-ish.

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