Expounding on the previous entry

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind after hearing good things about it from a friend. And they were right. Not only does it have a cool name that’s fun to rattle off at people, but it was touching, sweet, funny, and perverted in the right places. Jim Carrey was a good choice because a lot of the scenes are downright weird, and few people do weird like Jim Carrey. There aren’t any subtle layers to dissect, as they literally tell you what’s going on, but that’s how I like my movies, books, and women.

Completely in a different genre, I read the first nine volumes of Battle Royale in a single sitting last night. Granted, I was first introduced to the series when Kate lent me the first volume, which barely hinted at the treachery, debauchaery, sexuality, and gore that would take a hold of the future novels. I loved every beautiful minute of it. Much to my changrine, though, the series does not end at volume nine. I hate not being able to finish a series almost as I hate not being able to start a series at the very beginning. I don’t think the Japanese edition (as opposed to the Tokyopop English edition) is even done, and they’re a good eight volumes ahead. *sigh*

It arrived yesterday. It was actually here two days ago, but I sent it to my dad’s workplace, and it just happened that New Year’s Eve was the one day he left early, so I waited until yesterday morning to get it. The only problem I’ve encountered is that it won’t install the second firmware upgrade, but I can live without that. It works well, and it looks great. And I quote,

SarcasticSteven (5:43:44 PM): the blue light is hot
SarcasticSteven (5:43:49 PM): oh my fucking god
SarcasticSteven (5:43:50 PM): it’s hot

I chose black to reaffirm whatever masculinity is left in me, and also because it was one of the few I could find in stock. The backlight makes it really shine. It came with a plastic holder which I’ll never use, belt clip which I’ll never use, stand which I’ll never use, in-ear earphones which I’ll never use (itchy), cloth pouch which I might use, and an extra battery which I’ll definitely use. Keeping two batteries charged when the only way to charge it is to have it in the player may be awkward, but if it doubles my player’s battery life, I’m all for it.


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  1. There is also the movie. And the book. The book I have no access to. I have a copy of the movie, although it is badly dubebd over in Russian. I have not yet seen all of it, mostly because I don’t want to spoil certain people’s deaths. Like Mimura. I am growing to like the guy (Hackers! Yay!). Wonder how he goes.

    I also have the second movie, so I know who wins. In case you couldn’t tell from the begining.

  2. Oh man <3 the light. [is in awe] The streaky lights on the edges are totally hot shit.

    P.S. panegyric means a speech of praise. Thought you’d want to know.

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