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It would have been serious vandalism if I didn’t buy it

Christmas thingymajigs sent out to Jihan, Yoli, Anna, and Kate. I'm not sure what address to send Courtney!'s to. If you sent me something but I didn't, don't make me feel like an idiot later on; tell me!

And there are actually a few things on my Christmas list this year. But it's much too late to ask for them, so unless my relatives are better than I thought at following up on the inclinations towards certain items that I displayed, I'm going to have to use the money I get to purchase them myself. Not that I mind; comparison shopping is fun.

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  1. Ai! My card is going to be late. This is because I JUST realized that it is almost Christmas and have been going insane for the apst week with college apps. But I’ll get htem sent, I am jsut warning so you don’t like think I forgot and all. Mrhm.

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