“Men, it’s been a long war; it’s been a tough war…”


I finished another drafting project. While this one is actually much cooler than the previous one, it’s only cooler in theory. We had to design a vacation house from scratch, with 2400 square feet to work with and only basic guidelines.

The house I designed emphasized glass, light, and open spaces. Not only is the majority of the facade made of glass, but part of the roof is as well, which would be visible from the second floor hall and the dining room in the first floor. The direction of the house is such that in the morning, when the sun is rising in the east, light would hit both the master bedroom, one of the guest bedrooms, and the kitchen, which is where most people would be located in the morning. During the afternoon, the sun rises overhead to go through the glass roof and hit the entire second floor hallway, which would be a nice sight for anybody who was a late riser. As the sun sets in the west at night, the light and sunset would be hitting the family room, dining room, and study, which is where people would most likely be located. Finally, there’s a vast open space on the first floor where the family room and dining room are situated, because even though it may be a family vacation, people often want to do their own things. A large space gives them some degree of privacy while also fostering unity, as everyone can be in sight of one another.

However, little of that is going to come to fruitition. Our assignment isn’t to build a model, so the plans and this writeup are the only things that will describe the house. This project was also late (though not as late as the last one), so I didn’t have enough time to put in furniture. The formal floor plans (three on the right) look pretty sparse without furniture, and though the preliminary floor plans (upper-left) have furniture, they have a number of the teacher’s notes and markings. The bottom-left paper is where I made a concept drawing and put down dimensions and centering lengths.

I would have been done with this yesterday, but things didn’t go as planned. I went to sleep at 9 PM to take a 1 hour nap. However, even though my dad supposedly woke me up, I fell back asleep, and woke up at 2 AM. I then slept and woke up at 1 hour intervals, going in and out of dreams, to finally get out of bed at 5 AM. And somehow I was still sleepy.

3 comments on “Men, it’s been a long war; it’s been a tough war…”

  1. you. make. cool things.

    i am not getting into college. call me from your dorm sometime so you can laugh at me for not taking cool classes or even being offered them?

    mmmmmmmm glassssssss
    i agree with yoli. you’ll kick the grade book’s ass no matter how late the assignment.

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