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From Existing to Concept to Creation


The original assignment was to create a to-scale floor plan of three rooms in your house. My floor only has four rooms, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. That drawing is in the upper left, and it sparse since he told us not to include furniture.

We then had to create a floor plan of a home, the only rules being that I had to stay within the limits of the walls in the previous drawing. In the upper-right drawing, I freehanded what would go where. Since I could put anything I wanted, anywhere I wanted, I had a fun (yet difficult) time deciding what the house would look like.

However, theory is not always what happens in practice, as I learned from the final drawing at the bottom. Giving lengths to everything came after I made the concept design, so some things ended up not fitting. Indeed, the house ended up being fully furnished but very cramped.

But I like how it looks, and apparently my teacher did too. I handed it in two weeks late, which could have amounted to a maximum of seventy points taken off, yet that penalty was totally disregarded and I got a grade of 105. Score.

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  1. I hope your bum is properly sore for this. That or you put those sucking skills to good use.

  2. Wow. That looks like some hella complicated stuff. Congrats on the grade, though. That’s awesome…

  3. Well, y’know I once had to do a simlar assgnmen tfor spanish class (exept without the drafting). All I remember was the 5 levels of the basement. Which is to say all there was was 5 levels of the basement. But I don’t remember the details.

    Two weeks? Thats insane. I pulle dhtta off with chem homewrk and one of my friends managed a 2 month delay on a presentation, but that was exeptional. Two weeks on this…Steven LI, developing eveil mind controlling powers. Meep.

  4. oh man that is so freaking cool. ack.

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