If only the agony could have been dulled with a mind-blowing orgasm

They should really take the Random Blog feature off of Xanga. The results are disgraceful.

The result of the presidential election is almost as disgraceful. Thank goodness I’ve got a good buffer between myself and the draft.

This election has clearly shown me how isolated I, or Stuyvesant for that matter, or New York for that matter, am with regards to political views. Keep in mind that I have few political views as it is, but I haven’t taken a liking to the ways of the hermit just yet. I hear chatter around the school and online, and I had gotten the general sense that Kerry was going to win hands-down.

I’m not sure whether to call it naivete, but I certainly got the wrong impression. Kerry won New York by a good margin, but it was much closer in other states. Granted, our ideologies differ considering we’re not in the same economic or social positions, but isn’t today supposed to be the modern age of communication? With the gluttony of information online, has anybody outside of New York bothered to watch something other than Fox News?

So now we see what a president who was shaky enough during a term facing reelection finally come into his true colors for a second term. We’ll see how America fares when another four years isn’t on the line. It’s just him and his aspirations. I don’t even think we’re part of the equation anymore.

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  1. Yeah, I feel the same way – I actually amde a mini-poll November 1st 100% of about 50 people – Kerry wins the popular vote. Some said “Kerry wins in general” and some said he looses electoral. Nobody predicted “Bush wins popular vote”.

    To quote the greatest local Kery-supporting student: Stupid people in the the Midwest and South.

    What scares me is that poeple said they elected him because of his moral stance. That is exactly the thing I have a problem with..

  2. My school had a mock election. Bush won. I didn’t vote b/c I didn’t have social studies that day. Nader wasn’t on the ballot. We are the classic example of an affluent, white, Republican suburb. Our state was for Kerry, though. And I did think that Kerry had a chance of winning. A couple of the states that have lost the most jobs in the last four years voted for Bush. Yay democratic-republics.

  3. Aw, pobrecito. I have a nifty Muslim quote that I will post tomorrow, I think you’ll like it. If you don’t I hope it’ll make you snigger for a couple seconds at the very least.

    Unfortuantely yr. flight details expired but I’ve heard that NYC to London is only $500 one way, which, love, is pretty damn cheap. (I know, a good lot of video games will have to be sacrificed but I think it might be worth it.) Maybe Bush is hiding something we all don’t know about. Maybe they’ll invent brain transplants or the church(es) will disown him for raising underage drinkers! oh the possibilities.

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