Zorro! You’re Asian!

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This past Friday, I broke my decade-long abstinance of Halloween. I originally intended to just wear a cool hat. People would ask me, “Who are you?” and I’d reply, “I don’t know. I just like the hat.” And it is a very cool hat. I’m not sure how to classify it; people said it was a cowboy hat, but my mother classified it as something different. Whatever it’s called, it took 31 dollars (I could’ve bought a game for that much…) and a horrific trip through the women’s beauty department to obtain. I forget the store. Macy’s and JcPenny are identical to me.

I then wondered what else I could wear. It’d have to be easy and makeshift, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to be dishing out any more dough. I was passing by the 99 cent store as I was thinking, and I got the idea of simply draping some black cloth around me to match the hat. They didn’t have black cloth that large, but they did have a black shower curtain. I went home and proceeded to cut it to size and shape, as well as attach two Chinese-school-esque ID badge clips to it as a clasp. And then there was my cloak.

Of course, not all people felt it was a cloak. “Are you a garbage bag?” “No, I’m wearing a shower curtain.” I did, however, get called a variety of other things, the most prevalent being Chinese Zorro. I stuck with that.

As the day went on, I learned that 99 cent shower curtains are not the most durable of materials. The tiny hole I made to attach the clips widened until it was gigantic. Hence, I threw it away after coming home and taking a few pictures. But the hat will live on.

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  1. Party City had zorroesque hats for less than $10. Or maybe it was $10. And then the local grocery store had capes for $4. Don’t ask why they sold them in the food store, exept they did.

    I got dressed as 17th century french nobleman, and it was awesome. I also had a duct tape rapire, correct length and bendicity (or whatever that property is called). Incorrect sharpness because my friend ended up grabbing and breaking it. And I had people think I was zorro and had to explain that zorr would not wear white fluffy lace and feel like an idiot. And thats the only reason I mention this, because coincidences are bloody fun and bloody weird simulataneously.

  2. Oh man Steve, you’re like some dark and evil pimp man and that picture of you with the hat all tilted? Priceless. It says, quite simply, “I will ravish you 67 ways to Sunday, extras thrown in if you’re good.”

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