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Me gusta cantar, I like to sing, me gusta bailar, I like to dance…

Porque lo quiso.

Casablanca is too cool for me to deny having seen it. Here's lookin' at you, kid.

And Chobits was great. 24 episodes was a bit of an odd number, and I'm still shocked at the wild turn the emphasis takes on episode 17, but it was great. And the five-minute special was funnily insane, making good use of crazy animation.

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  1. I only read Chobits the manga and whoa is it perverted but hilariously so at the beginning. At the end it got serious and all, but it was shaping up to be the funniest thing.

  2. I heard Chobits was good, btu I have never seen it. I have tried to read the manga, but it seemed a bit cliche at the moment, so I stopped. Something about reading about yet another pathetic protagonist irks me. Still, I suppose its more of a classic than a cliche and I should give it a try.

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