(7:36:39 PM): and he said ‘everyone expects kerry to spank bush’

This is going to be a bitchin’ week, in a bad way. Don’t expect anything till Saturday, earliest.

(7:51:23 PM): so they study and study and study freshmen math and eventually it turned into ‘study’ and then finally study and then eventually STUDY
(7:51:36 PM): so yeah…
TactOps88 (7:51:36 PM): STUDY eh

On the topic of chivalry
iii THEPOPE iii (10:48:21 PM): yeahh its very basic but its nice
iii THEPOPE iii (10:48:43 PM): and how they let you go first ahha
iii THEPOPE iii (10:48:45 PM): its so fun
TactOps88 (10:48:57 PM): lol
iii THEPOPE iii (10:49:07 PM): but itd suck if we were both to jump off a building
iii THEPOPE iii (10:49:10 PM): id have to go first >_<
TactOps88 (10:49:17 PM): lol
TactOps88 (10:49:29 PM): they’d go first because it’s mean you’d have a shorter and softer landing
iii THEPOPE iii (10:49:41 PM): ahah aww
TactOps88 (10:49:53 PM): as morbid a version of chivalry that may be…
iii THEPOPE iii (10:50:06 PM): lols yeas but that would be very very nice lols
TactOps88 (10:50:09 PM): lol
iii THEPOPE iii (10:50:11 PM): esp since i like my bones lols
TactOps88 (10:50:13 PM): you’d be freaked out
iii THEPOPE iii (10:50:35 PM): idont thnk that ever happens unlesss the two are like in those freakish love scenes
TactOps88 (10:50:41 PM): “Don’t worry, dear. I’ll jump first, so you can land on my dead carcass and have a better chance of living, albeit probably paralyzed and in great pain for the next week.”
TactOps88 (10:50:48 PM): “Adios!”
TactOps88 (10:50:51 PM): *wheee*
iii THEPOPE iii (10:51:12 PM): LOLs
iii THEPOPE iii (10:51:14 PM): -_-;
TactOps88 (10:51:18 PM): 😛
iii THEPOPE iii (10:52:42 PM): altho
iii THEPOPE iii (10:52:47 PM): that would be more romantic
iii THEPOPE iii (10:52:49 PM): rather than
iii THEPOPE iii (10:52:52 PM): chivarly right
TactOps88 (10:52:56 PM): yea
TactOps88 (10:53:13 PM): more like you’d risk your life for the slightest chance that your loved one might live
TactOps88 (10:53:17 PM): than chivalry
TactOps88 (10:53:28 PM): i’d give you my umbrella 😛
TactOps88 (10:53:39 PM): greater air resistance!

7 comments on (7:36:39 PM): and he said ‘everyone expects kerry to spank bush’

  1. But on a diferent point, if somebody says, “Sure, you jump first!”, you might want to statr worrying that they are one of those social engineer people and decide to push them offf, and call it ‘Forced chivalry”

  2. Oh crap, I just noticed your calls! I was fighting with the computer all afternoon so I’m very sorry. I’ll definitely call you tomorrow afternoon. xxo

  3. Well, yes. Its all a conspiracy. Think about it.

    You install secret undectable non-belonging human termination devices at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, litter-filled places, kindergardens and nature centers and you can happily get rid of the country’s most prospects-filled youngsters, and thus establish the foundations of the evil empire through the pre-emptive anhilation of your oponents.

  4. Nope. You are a not a prospect filled youngster. You are an evil genius masquerading as a prospect filled youngster. But you aren’t doing a good job of it.

    You should be cheerful, play 5 sports at once, volunteer at random places and pretend to take immense pride in your own and special enslavement to your High School’s principal. Pretend not to understand dirty jokes and speak about the System (any system. Exept Windows) being unjust.

    Then you’d fool them for sure! [Just don’t try to fool us- I don’t feel like cleaning the vomiut of my keyboard]

  5. “Follow my orders or I’ll send you to my torture chamber” just doesn’t have the same effect as “Follow my orders or I’ll give you cocaine”, though.

    Wait, this sentence should be other way around. Mrph.

  6. Catholic nuns are already high on cocaine. They can conjure fire out of nothing and wear their hair and weird bun-type things that aren’t.

    Besides, torturing catholics doesn’t work in today’s political climate. Satanists are better. But what I am really wondering is what happens if you run out of space…

  7. When I think of satanists I think of semi-naked chicks with black-painted hair and too much makeup. Now that I describe them, soudnslike I am just thinking of goths. I guess you will have to torture those instead….

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