My penis and brain stem are separate entities

While mis treatment and karma contribute to my chivalry, I realize that it’s really because I wanted to prove them wrong. Whether it was in jest or not, there was truth resounding in that stereotype, one harbored by many people who’ve seen too much of the bleak side of relationships. This is unfair, and I’m a stickler for treating people justly. At some point I must have realized that simply telling them, “we’re not all like that!” wouldn’t do. After all, I have enough common sense not to believe that it’d really work like in the movies, followed up by some hot sexxorz. Rather, I chose to prove by example.

I don’t believe that all men are evil while I’m the only good one, but when I act chivalrous, that’s how I can make myself feel. The combination of gaining good karma and inching towards my goal is positively euphoric. It’s like when a corporation donates to charity. Not only are they helping out the people on the other end, but they’re establishing the reputation that corporations do give back to the community. The only difference is that I neither make billions a year nor have to give any of it out. The only things being donated are kindness, umbrellas, and jackets.

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