“Again, I laughed at the expense of Timmy.”

Proof that creating strange, longwinded works of literature is my specialty. After seeing the notable swap listings, I wanted to see if my creativity and ability to fluff up a computer programming job could net me an invite, and it sure did. I had an account, but I was able to get accounts for my brother and cousin as well.

I didn’t forget about your invites, Kate, but I wanted to test my skills, was bored at work, and think of it this way: there’s lots of cool stuff on that list you could get yourself! It’s best if you check the list when it’s not prime time; you get a bit more time to get that first post in.

Edit: I actually didn’t intend for the listing to be shaped the way it did. I wanted it to follow in the fashion of the first paragraph, and put in Timmy as a one-shot joke. Then I felt that the joke could be followed up, and oddly enough, once I left the game description, I thought that it would actually be a pretty original post if I kept it up. And originality is definitely what people are looking for on that board. It worked out like a lot of my other writing; I just went with what seemed like a good idea at the time (less editing for this one though).

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