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It’s just a post to the left, and a switch to the right…

Thanks to a fellow poster on the Lifelesspeople forum, I was able to obtain a Gmail account. All I had to do was write up a small dissertation about why I wanted the account, and prayed that the donator would select me (which he did). So I switched from to , which seems a bit more stylish and humorous, despite the obscene number of c's in the address.

I was typing up a post at work, but it seemed too straightforward, didn't follow a winding track, and was too obvious, all of these things that would not mesh well with the other musings on the site. So it's out the window, and hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you soon.

Edit: Anway, Gmail is hotness. I'm monitoring my Yahoo account because I'm sure some mail will go there that I want at my Gmail account, but I've for the most part moved over. I sent out the mass emails notifying everyone I ever knew of the switch, leading to 22 "What the fuck were you thinking? There's no such email address!" returned emails. Can't blame me for trying.

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  1. What!? So you’re not allowing yourself to be straight-forward on this site? Is this only to spite me? If it is I most definitely feel spited. Oh indeed I feel spited.

  2. Dude! I did not know you wanted a gmail account. Sorry! I have like 5 invites left.

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